Prinsjesfilm 2017: The Good Postman

Finding a compromise is a special Dutch talent. In a polarizing political environment is sometimes seems this skill gets lost. The main characters in the PrinjesFilm 2017 The Good Postman will set a new standard.

The scene is a very tiny village, in a state of decay on the border of Bulgaria and Turkey. The people see every day many refugees passing by originating from Syria. The mail man gets the idea to keep the refuges and resurrect the life in the village. He nominates himself for the mayor elections with this topic as the key ticket item. The opponent holds opposite views and wants to return to the communist era. Can they meet somewhere?

After the movie the audience will be invited to discuss how to compromise over highly sensitive topics.


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Festivalthema 2018:

Democratie: Van ons! Voor ons! Door ons?!

Over toekijken of meedoen in onze democratie

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Provincie Gelderland