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Celebrate democracy!

Prinsjesfestival is held yearly in The Hague, the week before and on prince’s day itself. During Prinsjesfestival we celebrate that we are a democracy. In other words a country in which everyone counts. That’s why the festival includes substantive and festive activities. In this particular way we aim to create a feast for everyone. From those who are politically involved to those who visit The Hague for conviviality.


Despite the fact we are still dealing with the Covid pandemic, we do organize more than 30 activities to celebrate our democracy between the 14th and 21st of September. Find all events here.

A different theme every year

Every year Prinsjesfestival is all about a specific theme. In 2021 the theme revolves around the following: Building confidence together!

PrinsjesPartner 2021: European Commission

Every year we have a province as our guest and they facilitate a program. This year  it isn’t a province, it is the European Commission, location Europe House, Korte Vijverberg 5. As a base for all activities the European Commission is going to organize and the location for the opening ceremony of Prinsjesfestival 2021 including the award ceremony of the ‘PrinsjesPrijs’ for best politician of 2020-2021.

During the festival, different activities are facilitated by the EC, in which the role of the EC will be explained in an entertaining way. The European highlights: Europe Lecture, EU Escape Room and Open Day Europe House.

Festival for everyone

Prinsjesfestival focuses on several target audiences. Ranging between the young and old. It offers substantive and inspiring events for the politically involved, but also offers fun activities for those visiting the inner city of The Hague. Specific events are catered towards students. These are organized by collabarating with schools.