PrinsjesDiner is an evergreen success of the Prinsjesfestival since the start. The Province of Drenthe is the strategic partner of the 2017 Prinsjesfestival. The Prinsjesfestival has appointed from Drenthe Jeroen Brouwer and his wife Marleen Brouwer of restaurant De Loohoeve te Schoonloo as the 2017 PrinjesCooks. Jeroen and Marleen Brouwer will develop the PrinjesMenu especially for the 2017 Festival.

On Monday September 4th, the PrinjesCooks will prepare this special menu together with the Chefs of the ROC Mondriaan (Educational centre). Host at the ROC will be Frank Plaatsman and Harry de Bruijn. In addition, more Chefs from and around the Binnenhof will carry the Prinjesmenu and support the cooking at event at the ROC.

The PrinsjesDiner allows you to enjoy the Prinsjesfestival, walk around and discover The Hague at your leisure and combine that with a fantastic dining experience.

Participants of the 2017 PrinsjesDiner are the following restaurants:

Proefkoken bij ROC Mondriaan door Haags TV Journaal

Why have a PrinsjesDiner?

Dining in company brings people closer together and seals relationships for good. Why people eat together to bond and be closer has been subject of a lot research. The fact of the matter that this has happens since prehistoric times e.g. to celebrate a peace treaty, a marriage, to bond and forge new governments. All in all, sufficient reasons to have the PrinsjesDiner year after year.

For more information and pictures about the 4 previous PrinsjesDiner please follow the link which is in the Menubar/Vorige edities.


You can make your own reservations for family and friends at any day you prefer.

The participating restaurants serve the Prinjesmenu next to their customary menu. There is no need to reserve for the PrinjesMenu.

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Festivalthema 2018:

Democratie: Van ons! Voor ons! Door ons?!

Over toekijken of meedoen in onze democratie

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Provincie Gelderland