PrinsjesWalk trough historic The Hague

Prodemos and Prinsjesfestival organize on Saturday September 16th: A royal promenade through historic The Hague.

The walk starts at the visitors centre of ProDemos, opposite the Binnenhof, next to Dudok, which is within walking distance from the Central station. The walk takes about 1,5 hours and will be guided to assure you see all the highlights and get the best shots. Stops will be the Palace Noordeinde, Binnenhof, Lange Voorhout and the ends at the Palace Lange Voorhout.

On the Lange Voorhout Prinsjesfestival will also organize the PrinjesHatwalk and the PrinjesMarket. Great events and interesting for an entire family. We intend to put the famous Golden horsedrawn carriage on display. How is secret for now.


Photographer: Bart van Vliet.


PrinsjesCulinair en PrinsjesArrangementen

Festivalthema 2018:

Democratie: Van ons! Voor ons! Door ons?!

Over toekijken of meedoen in onze democratie

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